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Luck favors the prepared

Luck favors the pre­pared from Elixir Design on Vimeo.

We’ve had the curious plea­sure of sharp­ening over 1,000 pen­cils this month in prepa­ra­tion for our annual hol­iday mailing, an Elixir tra­di­tion dating back to 1996. This year’s inspi­ra­tion was a favorite quote, “Luck favors the pre­pared,” which has been attrib­uted to Louis Pasteur. We had the quote foil-stamped on custom-made boxes — to house a single Blackwing pencil and the shav­ings we made while sharp­ening it. We are out­fit­ting everyone on our list with a sharp pencil and a com­pas­sionate eraser as we all head into the new year and what­ever it holds in store.

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We wish you a silver lining

Elixir’s annual hol­iday gift to clients, col­leagues, and friends is always a studio-wide under­taking — from con­cept to design to pack­aging to assembly. This year, silver lin­ings seemed just the aspi­ra­tional thing. Enclosed oper­ating instruc­tions laid things out simply:

Cover pillow with liner.
Cover liner with pillow case.
Rest your head.

Rest your head.

We’ve been delighted by the flurry of appre­ci­a­tion and excla­ma­tion points — and by people’s cre­ative descrip­tions of the lin­ings and the opti­mism they por­tend. Wishing you happy hol­i­days and the very best for 2009.

This photo posted to Flickr by “! just your girl” shed light on the mailing label.
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A Toast to 2009

Warm hol­iday greet­ings from all of us at Elixir,

Just a quick note to wish you the best as the year (our 16th in busi­ness!) draws to a close. Our thanks to everyone who in 2008: pro­vided the ref­er­ence, signed the check, took the photo, styled the shot, found the loca­tion, edited the copy, drew the pic­ture, illus­trated the con­cept, wrote the code, vis­ited the studio, deter­mined the posi­tioning, sug­gested the paper, printed the brochure, proofed the color, drank the mar­garita, AND fed the inspiration.

The year included new projects with old friends at Sundance, Gump’s, Naturopathica, New Leaf Paper, The Golden Bear, Hlaska, TravelSmith, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. And we met new friends through projects with the California Academy of Sciences, Golden Star Tea Company, Stand & Deliver, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, New York Life, and Sandia National Laboratories. Our col­lab­o­ra­tions with our clients, col­leagues, and friends mean the world to us.

As we head into the new year — and into chal­lenging eco­nomic times for everyone — please know that we remain at your ser­vice. Call us if you are looking for ways to do more with less — and still present your best self while keeping your spending in check.

Wishing you a pros­perous and inno­v­a­tive New Year!

Elixir Design
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(415) 834‑0300

We’re excited to start the new year with a pro­file in the Jan./Feb. issue of Communication Arts. You’ll also find us online: on our blog (sub­scribe via RSS or email for client news and updates); on Facebook (become a fan); or at LinkedIn, where you can “link in” with each of us indi­vid­u­ally. Resolve to con­nect; we’d love to see what you are up to.

A Room with a View

Renovations to our third-floor annex are com­plete, expanding the Elixir offices by 700 square feet and four work­sta­tions while pro­viding access to an out­door deck space (that, given the season, we are yet to fully uti­lize). Wish list items for the new deck include pink flamingo, jacuzzi, six Adirondack chairs, sun­shine, out­door shower and a few potted plants. Continue reading

The things you’ll do for peanuts… holiday wrap 2008

Pelican Inn, Muir Beach

Every November, the Elixir team gathers to assemble and mail a hol­iday gift to friends and family. This year we met around the fire at the Pelican Inn in Muir Beach. (For you non-locals, yes, this is what the hol­iday season looks like in Northern California.) We rented out the main dining area, with plenty of room to spread out our assembly line. We hope you enjoyed the warmth, freedom and flex­i­bility of the fin­ger­less gloves. We found ours won­der­fully con­ve­nient at the key­board on frosty morn­ings, tying shoelaces at the Muni stop, chop­ping garlic, and eating roasted organic peanuts in the shell. Continue reading