Elixir welcomes Jessica to the team!


Jessica Destoppeleire is the most recent addi­tion to Elixir and we couldn’t be hap­pier. It will take us some time to say her last name prop­erly and to really know her, but here’s what we’ve gleaned so far:

We have reason to believe she is as good at coming up with big pic­ture ideas as she is finessing details. No sur­prise, she’s got excep­tional design skills and can make the com­puter do what­ever she wants it to. The bigger sur­prise is that she can draw beau­ti­fully. While this isn’t a require­ment to being an awe­some designer, it’s rather rare and we value it. On a more per­sonal note, she gets around San Francisco on a single speed, spends sev­eral evenings a week boul­dering, and looks incred­ibly good in red lipstick.

In the short time that she’s been with us, she’s already jumped on a project branding pig car­casses, design for an archi­tec­ture firm’s web­site, and has put her impres­sive illus­tra­tion skills to use for a client in the edu­ca­tion reform sector.

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