Our first foray into politics

ELIXIR Design-AFC brochure

The American Federation for Children (AFC) is a national advo­cacy group pro­moting school choice for par­ents. This cause is ardently bipar­tisan — and highly nuanced. If you are con­cerned about edu­ca­tion reform in this country, American Federation for Children are folks to pay atten­tion to.

The Alliance for School Choice (a 501(c)3) is the edu­ca­tional partner of AFC, which is a 501(c)4). The Alliance pro­vides policy and pro­gram exper­tise as well as finan­cial sup­port to state and local-level allies. The movement’s momentum is increasing, but too many children’s futures are still depen­dent on their par­ents’ ZIP Codes.

The entire Elixir team worked on this project, starting with strategy. We clar­i­fied the mes­saging and devel­oped a new brand visual lan­guage, evolved from the pre­vious iden­tity. The “star chil­dren” in both orga­ni­za­tions’ new logos are uni­versal and aspi­ra­tional. We exe­cuted a wide range of unslick pieces, many of them evoking class­room mate­rials. We’re almost fin­ished redesigning AFC’s website.

ELIXIR Design-AFC brochure

ELIXIR Design-AFC brochureELIXIR Design-AFC brochure

ELIXIR Design-AFC brochure

ELIXIR Design-AFC logos

ELIXIR Design-AFC stationery

ELIXIR Design-AFC End of Year report

Elixir Design-AFC End of Year Report

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