Front Porch Farm is over-the-top delicious

ELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm wine

Front Porch Farm is a bas­tion of bio-diversity. We could describe the owners as bespoke farmers, since most of their prod­ucts are grown to order for fine restau­rants and spe­cialty gro­cers. And we could describe the farm as a “Noah’s Ark for food,” since the owners are zealous about sus­tain­ability. Their dream is to raise all the ingre­di­ents for com­plete meals of deli­cious­ness – and they’re already making wines to accom­pany them.

Front Porch Farm cel­e­brates food in every sense. For their new web­site, they pro­vided lyrical descrip­tions, mar­velous com­panion quo­ta­tions, and lush pho­tog­raphy. We admit our very favorite story is Pig Tales, about importing Cinta Senese, the famous belted pigs of Siena. These are lit­er­ally the “first fam­i­lies” of Cinta Senese in the U.S. – and, trust us, they are living high on the you-know-what at Front Porch Farm.

Designers Nate Durrant and Holly Holmquist devel­oped the brand visual lan­guage. Nate cre­ated the custom logo­type and designed the seal; Livia Foldes designed the web site – the next best thing to vis­iting the farm.

ELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm logo

ELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm stationery

ELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm websiteELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm websiteELIXIR Design-Front Porch Farm website

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