Command and Control, by Eric Schlosser

ELIXIR Design-Command and Control

Eric Schlosser is mas­terful at deliv­ering in-depth reportage and inves­tiga­tive analysis on dark, quirky sub­jects – things that some­times we’d rather not know, but know we should. When Eric asked us to design the cover for Command and Control, he shared his cre­ative vision in the same exciting email: “99.9 per­cent of the books that have been written about nuclear weapons have a big mush­room cloud on the cover, and I have a dif­ferent idea. I would like the cover to resemble the cover of an Air Force acci­dent report – bureau­cratic, official-looking, and yet odd enough to be intriguing…“

Designer Scott Hesselink made the cover look like it’s been offi­cially clas­si­fied, cir­cu­lated, and ridden hard, com­plete with hand­written nota­tions and blacked-out ref­er­ences – and the report’s guts are oozing out.

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