Stand & Deliver Teaches us the Art of Communication

Longtime client Peter Myers of Stand & Deliver enlisted Elixir to design and launch a new web­site in con­junc­tion with the release of his book As We Speak. The dynamic con­sulting group includes experts from the realms of the­ater and media. Through highly cus­tomized work­shops, either in person or via the web, they coach busi­ness­people all over the world in the art of com­mu­ni­cating more effec­tively. Stand & Deliver is ded­i­cated to the idea that making your­self heard is not simply a matter of volume, but depends on three crit­ical com­po­nents: con­tent, state and delivery.

If you’d like to com­mu­ni­cate more effec­tively or sig­nif­i­cantly raise your game when speaking in front of an audi­ence, check out this extra­or­di­nary team of con­sul­tants. We have learned much from them. Here are our three freshest tips: Always end a Q & A with  “dessert”, never speak in front of an audi­ence with your hands in your pockets, and never, ever try to create and launch a new web­site in three weeks.

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