Luck favors the prepared

Luck favors the pre­pared from Elixir Design on Vimeo.

We’ve had the curious plea­sure of sharp­ening over 1,000 pen­cils this month in prepa­ra­tion for our annual hol­iday mailing, an Elixir tra­di­tion dating back to 1996. This year’s inspi­ra­tion was a favorite quote, “Luck favors the pre­pared,” which has been attrib­uted to Louis Pasteur. We had the quote foil-stamped on custom-made boxes — to house a single Blackwing pencil and the shav­ings we made while sharp­ening it. We are out­fit­ting everyone on our list with a sharp pencil and a com­pas­sionate eraser as we all head into the new year and what­ever it holds in store.

If you didn’t receive a pencil (and wish you had), please email Billy Westley and be sure to include your mailing address. Reserves are lim­ited — so don’t shave it too close!

The serendip­i­tous back­story: Jen has a dis­tinct child­hood memory of a seem­ingly magic pencil with replace­able rec­tan­gular eraser that was used by a suc­cessful and indus­trious grand­fa­ther figure. Having searched for them over the years, Jen was delighted to learn that the pencil had just been brought back into pro­duc­tion this Fall by CalCedar. (The orig­inal Eberhard-Faber Blackwing 602 was made for over 60 years, from about 1933 until 1998, when it was dis­con­tinued.) Many pencil enthu­si­asts will tell you it’s arguably the best pencil ever made.

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