Box Bottle Bag

Elixir is excited that our pack­aging for Golden Star Tea Company is included in Box Bottle Bag. The new book from The Dieline and HOW Books fea­tures “the best of the best” in pack­aging design.

About the book, author and The Dieline Editor Andrew Gibbs says “Great pack­aging adds more than just mon­e­tary value to a product — it adds emo­tional value. It has the power to directly trigger the emo­tions of the con­sumer, and is what makes someone fall in love with a product, or even hate it. It’s that emo­tional con­nec­tion that makes a design a success.”

When asked about working with Elixir, Golden Star Tea Company’s CEO Eddie Carden added:

We came to Elixir with a pack­aging design chal­lenge, and we com­mu­ni­cated it to them as a story. Elixir is intu­itive, expert at lis­tening, and what they came back with was remark­able. They con­verted our story into a design, trans­lated that into a pro­to­type, and now the story we hear back from people looking at our package design is the same one we told Elixir at the begin­ning. We wanted the pack­aging to make a promise regarding the quality of the product inside the bottle. Elixir’s design suc­cess­fully com­mu­ni­cates to our cus­tomers the type of expe­ri­ence they might expect, and it sets their expec­ta­tions high, exactly where we want them.”

To read more about the book and its author or pur­chase a copy, click here.

Elixir’s pack­aging for Golden Star Tea Company will also be fea­tured this fall in the Graphis Design Annual 2010.

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