We wish you a silver lining

Elixir’s annual hol­iday gift to clients, col­leagues, and friends is always a studio-wide under­taking — from con­cept to design to pack­aging to assembly. This year, silver lin­ings seemed just the aspi­ra­tional thing. Enclosed oper­ating instruc­tions laid things out simply:

Cover pillow with liner.
Cover liner with pillow case.
Rest your head.

Rest your head.

We’ve been delighted by the flurry of appre­ci­a­tion and excla­ma­tion points — and by people’s cre­ative descrip­tions of the lin­ings and the opti­mism they por­tend. Wishing you happy hol­i­days and the very best for 2009.

This photo posted to Flickr by “! just your girl” shed light on the mailing label.


Heads up — Scott con­cen­trates on lining the boxes with tissue, to pro­tect the pair of Silver Linings.

Tissue beau­coup — Nate refines his tech­nique for sliding the slightly slinky lin­ings into their boxes.

What is the col­lec­tive noun for silver lin­ings? A rainbow? An aspi­ra­tion? A wish?

One thought on “We wish you a silver lining

  1. Theresa Weller

    What an amazing con­cept. Just wish I had thought of it. And then actu­ally pro­ceeded to com­plete all the work involved with pro­ducing it. Thank you, Elixir, for reminding us to look for beauty and sub­stance even when our task is to clean out the dusty basement.

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