The Elixir dress: drip-à-porter?


Elixir’s model sashayed down the runway in a flowing gown made entirely of coffee fil­ters, with a cloud of white smoke streaming out of her bustle, for Afterlife: Paper, Purgatory and the Great Beyond, a recent AIGA com­pe­ti­tion whose theme was to create a dress made of used paper.

For the Elixir gown, we cre­ated an ele­gant gra­dient of earthy brown tones by using a mix­ture of var­i­ously stained used coffee fil­ters. Holding dry ice inside the dress proved to be most dif­fi­cult. To acti­vate dry ice (and get that streaming white smoke effect) water must first be boiled. The chal­lenge was to find a way to con­struct a secure enough vessel to hold dry ice without harming our model. Our solu­tion? We water-proofed the bustle and used a water bottle belt with a series of small bot­tles around the waist to hold the ice.